Working With What You’ve Got

I awoke yesterday morning wondering how in the world I was going to go about establishing a business and thinking I must be out of my mind taking this risk. Most people seem to have at least a concept or an idea on what they want their business to look like before they decided to change their life, but I on the other hand am a little lost on what type of product I would like to produce that will be received in the community. This is probably one of the foremost reasons I have had apprehension to take the leap in starting up my home business in the first place. What I am sure about, is that I want to produce and sell baked goods as Vermont is very lenient on providing permits to home bakeries. If that wasn’t enough of a reason I kind of gained a new appreciation for baked goods after attending culinary school to learn the craft. There is nothing like spending hours in the bakeshop laboring away, putting intentions of love into breads, cakes, pastries etc. to then see people’s eyes light up when their taste buds discover the simple pleasure of savoring such delectable treats.  Instead of continuing to worry first thing in the morning about something that really wasn’t going to have that big of an impact on the day’s routine I grabbed a book I resort to that helps, balance and ground me while also giving me a lesson to reflect about during the course of my day. This little daily companion I picked up out of a free pile on the side of the road a couple of years ago and it has been of immense help in creating the life I seek. The lesson of the day was to make do with what you’ve got. This seemed very appropriate in my case and I really took the advice to heart. So I set my intentions for the day by making a list, being sure to allocate time towards figuring out my first steps in creating an idea towards nailing down products I could market. I also set the intention of not letting myself get to wound up with feelings of needing to get this home based business thing of the ground quickly. I think the way to any type of result is by the way of patience and this I must remind myself of on a daily basis. While dedicating time to business is important I think it is equally important to dedicate time to being joyful and content in the moment. With that in mind I set about my day happily taking care of business and pleasure. 
Once dinner time rolled around I could feel the dread of not knowing what I was going to prepare out of my meager pantry. Times have been rough financially and therefore my food budget has lacked to provide the kinds of foods I feel healthiest with on a spiritual level. Again I recalled the lesson of the day, making do with what you’ve got. I reached for a box of penne pasta and brought a pot of water to boil. Although not sure yet what I was going to whip up I reminded myself that what I prepare will only come out tasting delicious if I put love into it. I diced an onion, minced a clove of garlic, sliced some fresh mushrooms and threw them into the pan with the hot extra-virgin olive oil. Next I went to the freezer to dig out some spinach I had harvested in the fall, chopped it up and added it to the pan. The smells being created were filling the house with that special aroma  of comfort. I found a  jar of sun-dried tomatoes drenched in herb flavored oils and decided that these would make a wonderful addition to pasta dish along with some halved black olives. By the time I got all of these ingredients in the pan the pasta was well on its way to being done so I strained it and tossed it into the pan with the veggies. Some fresh ground peppercorns and sea salt became the base of the flavoring but I felt the desire to perk the dish up a bit with some balsamic vinegar and just a hint of lemon juice. Now my favorite part of flavoring is selecting the herbs to round out the dish and give it a distinct nuance.  I love herbs and using them in foods and teas for their healing qualities. If I do say so myself I have a nice collection of glass jars displaying dried herbs I lovingly cared for during the summer as they basked in the sunlight. I choose basil and rosemary to contribute their beautiful aromatic smell and flavor  to the dish. With a quick stir and a few more moments of heating the food through I was able to take time to reflect on the experience of the day. I discovered that if I flow more with the energy of love and abundance that the answers I am looking for arise from within. If I flow with fear and ego I end up driving myself into a pattern of negative thought and become stuck and unable to express myself creatively. When I set about putting together a meal and got depressed over the kinds of foods my pantry had to offer I shifted my thought to abundance and ended up creating a tasty beautiful dish I like to call the Mediterranean Pasta Delight. I also came up with the idea I needed to spark that first step into creating product to market. Through conscious self-talk/care I helped myself  tremendously in flowing through the day and easily connected to the creative energy fountain just waiting to rapture every part of my being, my life. I am here with open arms ready to receive and surrender whilst savoring the moments and working with what I’ve got.GE


My next posting will be all about my business idea and how I’m setting about it. Thank you for reading, see you soon!

Introduction-The Spiritual Chef’s Manifesto

The pursuit of prosperity and the soul’s purpose is a difficult task to manage if you are trying to live a life based on authenticity. I find myself at a crossroads in my life where I must weigh out the pros and cons of giving in to a system I cannot reconcile with on a soul level or taking a leap of faith and believing that I can pursue my career in a way that aligns with the lifestyle I have chosen to live.
Living a spiritually based life means going to the edge of what is considered normal in the pursuit of happiness of integrating my values with the way I earn a living. I have known for awhile now that my soul asks of me to be true, to stand by my belief in not just speaking of your principles but also living by them. I believe that your career should reflect your whole core being, and that the best way to be of service to the local and global community is through conscious choice business practices.
So far I have not encountered a business whom I have worked for that practices even an inkling of the kinds of values that are important to me. Time after time I run into the same disappointment and frustration stirring within me because I can no longer compromise with a clear conscience. This creates a conflict for making a living as long as I work for someone else. So here I am, a 24 year old baking and pastry trained chef with a deep passion for savory and sweet food going for what I would like to call the Spiritual Chef’s Manifesto aka a leap of faith in creating a home based business. There is no doubt that I am scared shitless of this new realm into which I am venturing but with hope, love, faith and lots of effort I hope to live true and prosper.
Today I grew some balls and decided to listen to what I already knew.